What is Super Awesome Quest?
Super Awesome Quest is a free-to-play RPG with a unique collectible card-style combat following the adventures of three down-but-not-out warriors –a Paladin, a Valkyrie, and a Mage. It is available for download on Android, iPad, and iPhone/iPod Touch .

Where do I download the game? How much is it?
You can download Super Awesome Quest at the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store. It is completely free-to-play, however some game items can also be purchased for real money.

Do I need to sign up for an account?
Yes, you need to have a Google or iTunes account to download from the store. After installing the game, you can also connect to your Facebook account.

How do I install the game?
Using your mobile device, just click on ‘Play Now’ in the Boomzap website or type ‘Super Awesome Quest’ or ‘Boomzap’ in the store’s search bar to go to the download page. Select ‘Get’ or ‘Install’ to start downloading the game. Once installation is complete, just tap on the Super Awesome Quest icon to start playing.

Do I need to be connected to the internet to play?
No, you can still play the game even if you’re offline.

Can I continue my game on a new device?
Your game progress is stored locally, and the only way to continue your game on a new device is to backup and restore your data through iTunes or Android’s cloud-saving feature.

I can’t install Super Awesome Quest.
Please check that you are connected to the internet. Also check that you have enough space on your device for the game. If you don’t have storage available, please delete old or unused applications, music files, photos, etc. before attempting to install.

How do I uninstall or re-install the game? Will I lose my previous progress?
To uninstall the game, tap and hold the app icon then select the delete icon. To re-install the game, just follow the instructions for installing the game. Uninstalling and re-installing will reset your game progress.

Can I play multiple accounts on a single device?
Super Awesome Quest supports only one account per device.

Where can I suggest new features and upgrades?
The best place to post suggestions on how we can improve your game experience is by emailing us at superawesome@boomzap.com or posting at the forum.

I think I have a bug/glitch in my game. How do I report it?
To report a bug, you can visit our Support page and email us at superawesome@boomzap.com, or register at our forums to post on the Technical Issues thread or contact a moderator. Remember to explain the problem in detail and include your device type, user id, game version, and iOS/Android version. In some cases, Boomzap will request for your player information. You can also check the other posts to see if the bug has already been reported.

The moderators said they already fixed the glitch, but I still see it!
Some bug fixes are installed during game updates. Make sure you are using the latest version of the game, or wait for the upcoming release.

How do you play the game?
You start the game by picking one of two available characters: Greg, the Paladin or Val, the Valkyrie. Each character starts with his/her own set of gear and tokens. The game will immediately throw you into your first fight where you’ll learn the basics of battle. If you need more help with the game, you may also check the Super Awesome Quest Wiki.

How do I connect the game to my Facebook account?
On the Main Menu, just tap on the Facebook icon to connect.

What happens if I connect to Facebook?
By connecting to Facebook, you will be able to post on your profile using the Super Selfie Booth and view friends’ progress.